Lisbon Juicy Fitness Tour – A new way to sightsee Lisbon!

Lisbon Juicy Fitness Tour is power walking tours and yoga classes combined with a full day of juice detoxes (4 juices) from Liquid – Juice & Smoothies. The juices are tailored to suite your needs when exercising and being on a detox at the same time. Lisbon Juicy Fitness Tour is founded by Malin Andersson, a Lisbon and healthy living loving Swede, in collaboration with Liquid – Juice & Smoothies and Filipa Valente at Taste of Lisboa Food Tours. The detoxes that are offered in our Detox & Power Walk packages are tailored to suite your…

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Jonathan Edwards – Lisbon sketches

This is the work of Jonathan Edwards, sketches from his first visit to Lisbon. We recognize the cosy cafés, wine shops and the winter coats wrapped tightly around the characters in the sketches. All of it symbolizes winter in Lisbon. “It was our first time in Lisbon and we were really impressed. A really beautiful city which constantly surprised me with stunning views at every turn. A great mix of the old and new. I really want to return in the Spring or Summer (it was January when we were there) so I…

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The Goodmorning Hostel feel!

The warm and cosy atmosphere along with the staffs utmost effort of making every guest feel welcomed, special and part of the group – will have you feel light at heart and happy that you choose Goodmorning Hostel as your home during your Lisbon stay. It is easy to get lost in the hostel jungle when searching for the place to stay during your visit to Lisbon. I can not speak for all of the other hostels, but I will tell you the great pros…

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Porto By Night


Lisboasightseeing was founded in 2006 and is today offering travel services throughout the country by online request! The tours are held by local tour operators in Lisbon, Porto, Fatima and the Algarve – covering all of Portugal. The great thing about Lisboasightseeing is that they will help you fulfill the needs and wants you have for your business, vacation or adventure trip to Portugal! They have contacts all over the country and sits on knowledge of great things to do and see – check the pictures underneath…

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Quinta da Arealva – Another point of Lisbon

Quinta da Arealva used to be the setting for a local wine production and storage business. Today these ruins are just waiting for someone to either restore the space or clean it out and do something entirely different at the spot. This restauration that might take place one time in the future is nothing that has been planed for yet and until that day this perfect spot, just across the center of Lisbon, will be waiting for the right kind of project to come around. Today in…

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Taste of Lisboa Food Tour

Taste of Lisboa Food Tours was created by foodies in love with their own city – with the mission to guide foodie travelers and explorers on the unbeaten paths enabling them to discover the real food, people, culture, architecture and history of Lisbon city. Food Tour Our foodie visitor may choose to go for a food tour, cooking class or private experience. Our entertaining food and cultural walking tours takes you off the beaten track to get a unique glimpse of the fascinating Lisbon, leading…

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Lisboa by Tiago f Moura

Lisboa by Tiago f Moura is a project of figurative illustrations, not real, but based on memories and perceptions of Lisbon, registered by the eyes of the illustrator Tiago f Moura. The artist decided to start drawing his city after taking part in the Unemployed of the year contest, promoted by Benetton. Back then, his idea was to draw 3 european cities. His project was not among the winning ones but he decided to keep improving the idea with the city he knew the best, Lisbon.…

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Doors, Tiles, and Graffiti

It’s no secret that I have a slight obsession with taking pictures of doors (see this post). Well, Lisbon introduced me to two new things to constantly take pictures of now: tiles and graffiti. Lisbon is known for their amazing tile designs, creations, and facades. They are so detailed and colorful…and some of them have been around for over 200 years! The graffiti in Lisbon is also fantastic. All the pictures tell a story and most of them touch upon Lisbon’s history. I wish these artists would draw…

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Liquide – Juice Bar

 Liquid Juice Bar “We are what we eat” Vegetables, fruits, herbs, nuts and seeds feed our cells and helps to heal and detoxify your body.  For cleansing your body, getting that extra bit of energy or simply enjoying a delicious chilly drink filled with your favorite fruits during a hot Lisbon day. Besides juices and smoothies, Liquid also offer healthy shots – containing wheat grass, ginger or fruit extracts. They also serve healthy vegetarian meals like soups, tarts and pies.At Liquid they change their menus by season and are continuously inventing new Detox programs, tailored to the needs…

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Eat Drink Walk

Eat Drink Walk – guided eating, drinking and walking tours, in Lisbon and its surroundings. Prepare yourself for a culinary experience – that will activate and treat all of your senses! Want more than a pastel de nata or salt cod in Lisbon? Tired of the usual tourist traps and drab menus? Would you like to experience Lisbon’s culinary delights the way the locals do? Getting away from the obvious choices is not always easy.  Don’t worry – we will help you! Eat Drink Walk tours are…

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